No Outsiders

No Outsiders

At Whitley Village School, we want to deliver a curriculum that enables our children to understand the benefits that exist in a society where difference and diversity are celebrated. The principle of equality is that everyone is treated fairly without suffering discrimination or prejudice.  

We want to teach the children to respect and accept diversity and difference. Under pinning our teaching is the Equality Act  2010 (British Law). No Outsiders is a proactive approach to tacking bulling and encouraging the children to really value and celebrate each other. Our school rules are to be Ready, Respectful and Safe.

At Whitley, we use age appropriate books as a stimulus to address one of the nine characteristics within the Equality Act.These will help to create a whole school ethos with a clear progression the key stages.We also use current news stories and images as a prompt for discussions in order to challenge some of the messages being presented to our children about the world today.

Click here to see an overview of the books taught and their links to the Equality Act.



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