How do we involve children with SEND, and their parent/carers, in their education?

Involving children with SEN and their parents in their education.

  • Parents are encouraged to be involved in their child's education through: informal discussions; telephone conversations; home-school diaries; parents evenings. Parents can phone or pop into school to make an appointment any time. 
  • Parents are invited to 'Meet the SENCo & SEND Governor' for an informal discussion about SEND provision, and a regular parent questionnaire is sent out
  • Parents are involved in the identification of SEN from the beginning and will be approached by the class teacher or inclusion manager re. any concerns.
  • Parents and children have the opportunity to contribute to their / their child's SEN passport.
  • If your child receives top-up funding or has an EHC plan / statement, then both the parent and child will be involved in the application / review process.
  • Parent's permission will always be sought if outside agency support is needed. This may mean that your child will need to attend an appointment outside school, or an outside agency may visit your child in school.
  • Children have a say in what is included on their pupil passports so that they are aware of their targets and how those targets may be met
  • Children are asked to complete 'All About Me' paperwork that accompanies their annual review forms; this ensures that the child's point of view is read alongside the professional review
  • Children are invited to annual review meetings so that they can have their say about how they are managing at school and how school might help them further
  • Children are regularly conferenced by staff to ensure their needs are being met

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