Inclusion / Transition

The Acorns Primary and Nursery and Whitley Village Federated Schools are fully inclusive. That means that all our pupils who have SEND fully participate in the curriculum and the life of the school. Their inclusion is embedded through:

  • a differentiated curriculum, followed alongside their peers wherever possible
  • additional adult support and a range of special resources are used to support children's learning in class, and through intervention programmes carried out in small groups or 1-1
  • we are highly reflective and adapt to the needs of our individual children; children's needs are assessed and addressed regularly, and both parents and children are kept informed of any changes / accommodations that need to be made
  • opportunities to accompany their peers on school trips, including  residential visits
  • opportunities to join after school clubs and activities alongside their peers
  • tailored transition between classes / schools through extra transition visits and personalised transition books containing photographs and details of their old and new settings
  • We have formed close links with local High Schools, and work hard to ensure our pupils with SEND have a smooth transition to the most suitable High School for their needs

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