Children's SEND Policy

The Acorns Primary and Whitley Village Federated School
Child's Policy

Everybody, adults and children, sometimes find some things difficult or have a problem. If you have any problems or are finding some of your work difficult, all the adults in school are here to help you. Mrs Hearne is the teacher responsible for making sure you get help and support when you are finding something difficult at school or at home. The Acorns / Whitley Village School want you to feel included and enjoy school.

If you need some help, we want all the teachers to understand how to help you. This means that you will be asked to fill out a pupil passport with your teacher. You will be able to say things you like, what you are good at, what you find difficult and what a teacher can do to help you.

You, your parent, or your teacher may see that you are finding something difficult at school or at home. This may be your learning, making friends or managing your emotions. The teachers may ask you to complete some activities or you may see another adult who is not normally in school. You may also be asked to go and see an adult outside school with your parents / carers. 
The teachers will give extra support, change the lessons or give you something to help you. They will keep checking to see if it is helping. You can talk to any of the teachers if you are worried about your learning or anything else. 
We want you to feel happy, safe and continue to learn at school so you can be whatever you want to be.


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